Swap Exchange Portals™

Swap Exchange Portals

Think swap exchange portals whenever you want to swap and exchange™

We create, facilitate and develop swap exchange portals. Online website portals for swapping and exchange. Swapping and exchange allow people to connect, share and develop in both online and physical environments. They are feature rich, focussed portals that exist for the benefit of their membership and to assist them in their development and enjoyment of their activities, focus, hobbies and interests.

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We've been helping people for years, and developing websites since the internet first reached the UK. Over the last 5 years we have helped thousands of people connect, swap and exchange skills, therapies, ideas and in so doing helped create ripples which continue to have positive effects to this day. In 2007 we went through a wonderful transformation thanks to Kae, Noah Emrich and there are even more exciting things still to come.